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Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

A Pimm’s cup is the quintessential British summer cocktail. This is the perfect cocktail to make while enjoying these last days of summer.

In a recent trip to London, I enjoyed a wonderful Pimm’s cup at the Library Bar at the Lanesborough. Lorenzo Rocci, the Library Head Bartender, prepared my cocktail, and he shared with me his recipe.


  1. Pimm’s (double shot)

  2. Mint leaves

  3. Ice cubes

  4. Strawberries

  5. Cucumber

  6. Lemonade (Schweppes)

  7. Apple


  1. In a tall glass, first place 5-6 fresh mint leaves in the bottom of the glass.

  2. Add a couple of ice cubes, and then place one or two fresh raspberries and blackberries.

  3. Add 2 more ice cubes, and cover them with freshly & thinly sliced strawberries and cucumber. Layering your fresh fruits between the ice will avoid that all the fresh ingredients float on top of the drink.

  4. Finally, pour lemonade (like Schweppes) on top and leave some place in the glass to float a double shot of Pimm’s and finish with a straw. It will look like two layers.

  5. For Garnish, use a mint spring and an apple fan. Learn how to make an apple fan with this Youtube video: (

  6. Enjoy


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