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Caring for Orchids

Here is a trick I learned for caring for indoor orchids during busy summer travels:

Ice Cubes.

Placing ice cubes on top of the soil once a week will keep the orchids appropriately hydrated. This is a nice trick to remember if you are busy with summer travels because it is so easy to do and low maintenance. However, it is not the best long term strategy for keeping orchids as the flowers need to eventually be re-potted in a proper orchid mix in a pot that can drain water. But as a short-term strategy, using ice cubes is a practical way to remember to water them ( and not over water) your orchids.

Just use 3 medium sized ice cubes and place them on top of the soil . Make sure the ice cubes do not touch the plant. Three medium ice cubes equal approximately 1/4 cup of water once melted. You only need to do this once a week. Watering once a week should give the orchids enough time to dry out just enough before they are replenished. To be sure, you can always test the soil with your finger. Place your finger into the soil and test for moisture. If it feels a little damp, you can wait before you hydrate the orchids. If the soil feels dry, that is not a bad thing – it means it is time to water the orchids. In general it is better to wait until they are dry than to over water.

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